Taking off, a heart
bent on knees
to quivering force

our wings give in

to will, to yield
a field of dreams
a beauty of flying

I suppose I always wanted to write. For some reason, I never quite knew what to write, or when, or how. I remember when I was young I developed an intense fascination with a typewriter. My late cousin Olga got it from work and when she realised that I liked it more than she knew what to do with it, she gave it to me. So when all the children were playing outside I was whirled away in the resonance of clicks and clanks.

If I was not in my room thinking what to ink the blank paper with, I was living in the real pages of the adventures of the Famous Five. But as the years passed and settled into the chapters of what we know as real life, I lingered in the real world with a yearning to write.

It wasn’t until I was 29 and was going through a divorce that an unbearable pain would introduce me to a book I have always carried within me.

There is no simple way to convey or paint in words, what informs the truth about my life. My whole life’s journey has been a quest to own a bigger realisation of my true being and allow that consciousness to guide me. Over the years I have, in small doses, experienced a glimpse of that light. But I have never fully comprehended, in an almost near -perfect composition, the potent manifestation of my being – until the moment I thought I was ready to die.

I have always thought that my biggest adversity was the molestation I endured when I was young. I thought it was a conditioning of an inferior self-esteem, the fact that I grew ambitious in my personal thinking and life goals, but had my past to remind me of who I could not become. I thought that my biggest struggle was overcoming a heartbreak born out of my greatest love affair.

However, there is nothing that could ever have prepared me for the moment it dawned on me that my biggest adversity has, in fact, always been an inability to comprehend, in its entirety, the bigger truth about my life.

Part memoir, part fact, part truth, certainly part of a blueprint to my greatest transformation Landslide not only documents an evolution towards a higher understanding, but is fundamentally, an account born of its own accord; when the truth about my life collided with the weight of my adversity.

Landslide is more than just an anthology I helped to pen, it is something that has connected me beyond the world of clicks and clanks, beyond the magic of dreaming. Landslide has propelled me to a course I never thought was a path to my destiny.


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